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Here we go again!

I return to Syria on March 27th for a month to take photos, film, and plan the chant recordings. The Syrian Ambassador has reviewed the project and has decided to sponsor the publishing of an Aleppo coffee table book made of my photography. I will be photographing every aspect of Aleppo. “We will unlock the city for you to document everything the city has to offer.” In addition to various aspects of the city, I will be photographing all Muslim, Christian, and Jewish celebrations. Yale professor, Bryan Spinks, has agreed to co-write the text with me and we are discussing submitting the book through the Institute Of Sacred Music to the Yale University Press but a publisher has not yet been chosen.

I have brought on Asa Palmer to film this upcoming trip. In Damascus we are going to film the ordination of the Archbishop to the Netherlands and in Aleppo we will film a traditional Edessian Sunday liturgy. These two films will complete my obligations with the Yale Institute of Sacred Music.

The Archbishop is going to set up a meeting with himself, The Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badr Eddin-Hassoun, and I to discuss my documentary ideas.

I am excited to announce renowned videographer, Ryan Hill, and Emmy Award winning writer/ producer Jack McDonald have agreed to join the project. Ryan is a camera veteran and has traveled the world filming for PBS, National Geographic, Animal Planet, NBC, HGTV, and The Discovery Channel. Jack has been in the business for years. He started out at CBS as a news assistant then moved on to become a news editor/ reporter for Time. Over the years he’s written and produced numerous shows for The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, The Learning Channel, and TBS. In 1994 his "Surviving Everest” won the Emmy Award for Best Historical Segment and in 2005 his film “Messingers” won Best Documentary Short at the Crossroads Film Festival. We will be getting together when I get home to review ideas and begin working on a documentary treatment.

I had to change the name of my production company from Blue Flame Media to Lost Origin Productions. Indie Rock Media has agreed to build the website,, and I hope to have it up very soon.

Lexar has agreed to sponsor the project and is donating several high capacity compact flash and SD memory cards. In return I will be featured on there prophotography website and will provide images and an article when I return in April.

I have been doing a ton of photo work this year. My most recent publishing credit is the Syrian Embassy included one of my photos in a cultural report for the Washington Diplomat. Earlier this week I traveled to NJ and shot the press photos for Dillinger Escape Plan’s new record. Back in Feb. I shot the Spring Collection for Klinger Advanced Aesthetics,
Collection 6.jpg
and just finished working with renowned real estate agent, Rita Halstead, for her forth coming international marketing campaign.

I just finished a second “Stretching for Musicians” piece for Alternative Press and am in the revision process for an article for Massage and Bodywork magazine. I am working on piece for A.P. on the history of mid-late 90’s hardcore with Hatebreed, Locust, Converge, and Dillinger Escape Plan.

At the beginning of the year I was invited to begin the review process for the Back in early January I had a meeting with the manager of the National Geographic Emerging Explorers program. He was very excited about the project and wanted me to apply for the Explores Grant. It is a committee decision and after eight weeks they finally rejected the project. The rejection didn’t hurt or hinder the project but it would’ve been cool had it come through.

Dear Mr. Hamacher,

Thank you for your pre-application expressing interest in a grant from the
National Geographic Society's Expeditions Council. We appreciate the
opportunity to review your request for support for your project, "The
Urfalee Preservation Initiative; exploring Syria's Christian-Muslim
relationship by illuminating the history, traditions, and culture of St.
George's Syrian Orthodox Church, located in Aleppo, Syria." While we
understand the importance of your efforts, regretfully, we must decline

The constraints of our budget, current editorial requirements, and the
timing of each project limit us to supporting only a select number of
projects each year.

I regret that we are unable to extend support. I do, however, wish you
every success and hope you will be able to secure the funding you need for
your endeavor.


Program Officer
Expeditions Council
National Geographic Society

In addition to all of this, Jenny and I are loving our house and hating the gas bill. We welcome spring with open arms and empty wallets.

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Anonymous Erik said...

Dude - this is really awesome. It's been a while since we chatted but photo stuff has been going decent for me to. Live shots being used for promo for Des Ark and Mass Movement of the Moth plus I will be doing katy otto's new band's live and promo shots. Pretty stoked.

3/08/2007 11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I love reading your blog from time to time. I got the address from a Frodus mail-out quite some time ago. I wrote a paper on Byzantine Christianity while completing my undergraduate degree and I have a close friend that is Lebanese Catholic, so I really enjoy reading what you have to say.

I am, to this day, a HUGE Frodus fan. I still listen to Weapons regularly. It is one of my favorite CD's of all time. I wish Frodus was still around!

Anyway, keep up the great work.


Frank Caputo

3/14/2007 3:10 PM  
Blogger Joshua said...

I just saw you pics of the president on flickr and came over to your blog. This project sounds so exciting, I can't believe you got all of this together, it's amazing.

When/How did you get into photography? I never knew you were into it until you started up on flickr. You're pics are great too, you deserve all that's going down.

4/05/2007 5:22 PM  
Blogger Life and Times of the Lamm Fam said...

Jason---Steph Foss here...from Robinson...and a member of the originial Grimace fan club (-: I googled you and through various band websites I found your blog (-: Your name came up last weekend when a bunch of us met at my house...Katie Calvert and I were looking through old pictures and stuff. She had the biggest crush on you (-: I'd love to catch up. Your life seems a bit more "traveled" and stuff than mine...but I'm happy and healthy, have a great family and a job where I make a difference. I was baptized a couple weeks ago/ was pretty awesome. Here's a link to my blog.
I teach special education, drive a mini van (at least it has a DVD player...) and have a 20 month old daughter and a fabulous husband...also named Jason. I'm sure your favorite part is the minivan (-: me and we'll catch up. I keep in touch with a bunch of people from our previous life at Robinson.

4/21/2007 12:02 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

How did your trip go? Your readers are anxious for news!

5/08/2007 6:48 PM  

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