Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Jason w- Grand Mufti.jpg
This photo was taken at the Grand Mufti's house in Damascus. We spent a good hour discussing ideas and agreeing to work with each other on a documentary film about Christians and Muslims in modern day Syria.

It’s been a long time since I have updated this blog. I’m not getting lazy, just getting much much busier. Here’s an update of my doings.

1. I’ve been working with indierockmedia.com building my new website , lostorigins.com. The site isn’t live yet, but you can Click Here For a Sneak Peak

2. Lexar Media, Inc. has taken me on as on of their professional photographers. You can see my bio here and read an article I wrote for them here. I’ll be writing an article in August going into detail on my approach to low light photography.

3. I have been asked to give four presentations on my projects in Syria. The first presentation will be this Friday, July 27th, in NYC for the American Mideast Leadership Network. The AMLP has asked to me to share my experiences as an American in Syria at the orientation of the United States-Syria Future Leaders Program. The American Mideast Leadership Network created the United States-Syria Future Leaders Program “To help address misconception and to foster a more realistic observation of the true American spirit, the AMLN has initiated the United States-Syria Future Leaders Program, the first ever exchange program of its kind. Through the initial exchange of this two-week program, to take place in Syria this summer, a diverse group of Syrian and American university students will have the opportunity for the first time to interact with each other and act as ambassadors for their countries. The student ambassadors will participate in discussions, lectures, tourist excursions, and cultural outings in order to comprehend and share their respective cultural, religious heritages with on another. We anticipate that both groups of students will break through ideological and cultural walls that separate them as they gain a better appreciation for the local culture.”

The Second presentation will be held on Saturday August 4th at St. Aphraim Syriac Orthodox Church in Washington, DC. I will be giving a multimedia presentation on my projects focusing on the chant. This is the little blurb the church wrote: “Jason has been on an adventurous journey that has taken him from Tur Abdin in Turkey and into Aleppo, Syria. His fascination with the vibrant culture of that region thrust him to document and preserve the heritage and habits of the local people. He is currently on a mission to record, for the first time, the sounds of the liturgy of the Syriac Church in Aleppo, the only remaining church with direct roots to Edessa (modern Urfa, Turkey). Through his lens and recordings, Jason will take us on a lively voyage into the ancestry of the Syriac ‘Edessian’ Church and into modern Aleppo. Join us in this exciting presentation; perhaps we will be able to hear the sounds of St. Ephraim echoing again!”

The dates for the third and fourth presentations have not been solidified but will be held at All Souls Episcopal Church in DC and Georgetown University.

4. The Presbyterian Outlook has asked for an article focusing on the chant project. I've submitted a concept draft and waiting to hear back for editorial direction.

5. St. Aphraim Syriac Orthodox Church in Washington, DC has asked me to record a How to Speak Syriac Aramaic CD. I will engineer the recordings as well as provide the English voice.

6. The Washington DC Jewish Community Center has requested I submit a formal proposal for a possible art show showcasing the photographs of Aleppo’s Great Synagogue.

7. Jenny and I have been working on our garden and I’ve been watering plants between 20-30 minutes every other day.

8. Some of the guys and I have decided to go shark fishing this Sunday July 29. We’re heading out to Montauk, NY and getting aboard the Blu Fin IV with Captain Michael Potts. This guy’s been fishing the waters off Montauk his whole life. His father began charter fishing in 1944! It should be awesome! Sunday night is the beginning of Shark week on Discovery Channel. We plan to watch Ocean of Fear: Worst Shark Attack Ever “A dramatic documentary featuring the story of the of the USS Indianapolis in World War II. Explore the sinking and the horrifying shark attacks that cost hundreds of soldiers' lives.” Just a little something to stir the nerves before facing the man-eating residents of Neptune’s kingdom!

Click here to see a slideshow of me getting shaved in Syria!


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