Wednesday, May 25, 2005

De Quervain's Tensynovitis just in time for tour

I have been suffering minor to medium wrist pain since mid-December last year. I finally went to an orthopedist yesterday and was diagnosed with De Quervain's Tensynovitis.

"De Quervain's disease is a common form of tenosynovitis of the wrist, occurring frequently in racquet sports. This is an inflammation of the tendons of the abductor pollicus longus and extensor pollicus brevis as they pass through a tunnel at the level of the radial styloid. Repetitive ulnar deviation and griping can inflame these tendons in their closed space, resulting in pain when using the thumb, stiffness, and pinch weakness. Swelling and tenderness are present along the radial aspect of the wrist and follow the course of the tendons."


Tour starts next week which will be interesting. I had to buy a thumb/wrist brace to wear while not playing or massaging. I go into physical therapy the week I get home 3 times a week for a month. I'm commin' up so you better get this started!


Anonymous David Thair said...

Man, that's harsh.

As a fellow drummer I once suffered RSI during a period when I was doing a lot of typing at work, and then drumming for a few hours every evening. But I didn't have a tour to go on.

Do you reckon yours was brought on by the massaging? I imagine that puts pressure on the wrists too. Good luck and take it easy, Jason.

5/25/2005 7:07 PM  

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