Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Who let the Sunni Out!!!! (no spell check or editing)

I am sitting in an internet cafe clean as a whistle. We just returned from the Hammam (turkish bath). I have spent $13 so far on this trip. The church has taken amazing care of us. We eat 3 meals a day at the Archdiocese. The food here is the best in the middle east. Everything is spiced perfectly. We are in lent so most of the Christians are fasting, which means no meat just vegetables. We haven't spent much time with the Archbishop, but spend a lot of time with the Deacons. Everyone has a great sense of humor. Marcell, one of the head deacon's, walks with slight arogence and comes across very serious. He's 25 but looks 37 and dosn't speak English. We found out the other day that he was the disiplainarian at the private school which seemed perfect for him. At dinner I said that Sara, the principal of the school he works for, told us that a boy was at school with out a shirt and Marcell got angry and kicked him out of the window. I said it with out a smile and Marcell got super pissed but all the other guys thought it was hilarious. So now everyone jokes about getting kicked out the window.

Today the archbishop had an interfaith dialog with a 3 Sunni Shieks, and one Sheite Shiek. We were invited to come film and take photos. It was an amazing site!

My computer broke so I haven't written anything on this trip. I have so much to write. I'll update again when I can.


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