Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I just finished the piece for Alternative Press on stretching and it should be out in April. Syria has been postponed due to safety factors. Here is what the Archbishop of Aleppo wrote last week:

"Dear Jason,
Greetings and peace from Aleppo.
I was very glad to see you in the United States. Your project will be a remarkable one. We will all benefit from it.

Regarding your visit, I prefer that you postpone it for while because Europe is very much against what happened in Damascus last week concerning the caricatures. Negative decisions are expected to be taken against Syria. I am afraid though that you decide and come to Syrian, and then we may face some kind of problems. However, since you are an American citizen, we have to let the government know of your visit to Syria, at least this is what I know.
My advice to you is that you leave it for another time, which I do not know, when we can accommodate you in a much more better circumstances and regional situation.

While I look forward to hearing from you, please accept my blessing and beat regards, hoping that thing will turn into the good.
Mar Gregorios"

We'll see what happens next.


Blogger roberta said...

actually, i just got the AP with your stretches in it. they're amazing!! i've spent the last two days in a van coming from florida to wisconsin and my neck was stiff as hell, but i feel great now!
couldn't have come at a better time! thanks!!

4/09/2006 1:09 AM  

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