Tuesday, November 08, 2005

First day of the rest of my life

So much has happened since my last post I don’t even know where to begin. My articles in Alternative Press and Chord are out so go pick up copies and support the troops!! I now have a wife and we are celebrating our marriage in Costa Rica on Sunday. We fly into the capital, San Hose, and promptly get in a rental car so I can drive us 3 hours north to the town of La Fortuna where we have a deluxe suit w/ hot tub on the porch as well a basalt garden shower. We’ll be there for 2.5 days/ 3 nights. We plan on completely abusing the hot springs! Then we drive back down to San Jose and take a Cessna about an hour south to the Osa Peninsula. We will be picked up and taken an hour through the rainforest to the coast where we will be staying in our own deluxe bungalow overlooking the pacific all while eating 3 multi corse gourmet meals a day. I need this!

On October 16th I did my massive photo shoot for the Wizards Dance Team. The shoot went well and it took me several weeks to process and tone 62 files. Four days after the shoot, the Vice President of the Wizards had a problem with the contract that I had negotiated w/ the team. After about a week of intense negotiation we settled and things are almost closed.

Last week we got a call from our good friend Alison, who lives upstairs, looking for the building manager’s number because, “I think my neighbor’s place is on fire.”
“Call 911!” I suggested.
“Can I get the number anyway?”
“I’ll be up in a second!”
I grabbed our fire extinguisher and ran up to find the fourth floor covered in grey smoke. One guy, who was eating ribs, went to try and find keys to the place and I tried to break down the door with the fire extinguisher. I rammed the door several times with no luck. A board member finally showed up with a key I got the door unlocked and went into the smoked filled apartment with a hand towel wrapped around my nose and mouth. The people looked to be having some sort of dinner party. There were four wine glasses waiting on a small table with several breath mints pilled in the middle. On the stove was a yellow pot burning and smoldering. I wet a sponge, grabbed the handle, and put the pot in the sink under running water. Smoke and steam filled the room and I left coughing. Jenny and Alison were waiting concerned in the stairwell. Jenny looked scared beyond belief. Since things seemed to be under control, we walked back down to our place and I washed most of the smoke off and suffered a slight headache for the evening. Good times. A day in the life….


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